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Gas Leak Detection

Natural gas is a very useful fuel that allows great convenience in a household. Cooking, heating and many other essential day-to-day functions are made easier by the proper use of natural gas.

When handled carefully Natural Gas is completely safe to use around the house. The trouble begins when carelessness or neglect causes the gas pipelines and equipment to fall into disrepair and become vulnerable to failure, thus causing a leakage.

If you have detected a gas leak in your house you should immediately call us on our gas leak assistance number – 718.556.0082 and our gas plumbers will come rushing to your aid.

Victory plumbing is staffed by highly trained and experienced plumbers who are proficient at handling all gas leak related emergencies. We serve all five boroughs of New York.

To find out more about the dangers posed by gas leaks, the methods to detect gas leaks and preventive measures, go through the following pages of our Website.


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