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Dangers Posed by a Gas Leak


The main component of Natural gas is Methane. Although it is extremely flammable, methane itself is not a poisonous gas. However, if it is continuously leaking into the air inside your house, then it will slowly reduce the oxygen concentration in the air you are breathing by displacing oxygen.

Oxygen levels below 16% are dangerous for the human body and if the level falls below 10%, any person trapped inside would be unable to breathe and would slowly asphyxiate causing severe damage to the brain due to oxygen loss and in extreme cases, even death.

Explosion or Fire

Methane is a highly combustible gas. This characteristic is the reason it works so well for household cooking and heating. But in the event of a leak, its combustible nature can cause catastrophic damage, not just to your house but to its surroundings as well.

Unless exposed to an electrical spark or an open flame, leaked methane will not ignite and instead will continue to accumulate. But once it comes in contact with a spark or a flame, it instantly erupts into ball of fire causing an explosion that can easily rip apart buildings.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Although Methane itself is not poisonous, it can turn into a highly poisonous gas if it burns or causes a fire which releases carbon monoxide gas. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is very difficult to detect and is extremely deadly. High concentration of CO can cause death within minutes.

In the event of a gas leak, you must immediately evacuate that area and call for professional help right away.


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