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How to Prevent a Gas Leak

Never Attempt to Reroute Gas Pipelines on Your Own:

If you are planning on doing some renovations around the house which require extensive digging, notify your gas utility company. They will come to your residence and mark the places where the gas pipeline has been laid. This prevents an accidental rupture of the pipe during digging or construction. Never attempt to reroute or divert pipelines on your own. Leave that to the professionals.

Use only Experienced and Qualified Professionals:

For all natural gas related inspections and repairs employ the services of only qualified and experienced professionals who are fully equipped to handle the problem.

Regular Check Ups:

Like many things in life, where gas leaks are concerned, vigilance is the price of safety. Ensure that your gas connections, pipelines and all appliances that use natural gas to operate, are regularly inspected by professional plumbers.

Regular check-ups will allow the gas plumbers to spot vulnerabilities such as corrosion or faulty connections and fix them. This will eliminate the chances of a gas leak.

If you would like us to inspect the gas pipelines of your house just call us and we will promptly dispatch our qualified professionals, equipped with the latest equipment, to conduct a thorough investigation with as little disruption as possible.


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