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Frozen pipes are the biggest concern as soon as the temperature starts to get colder. Especially in the case of heavy snow or power outage, you definitely require a plumbing service ASAP. You can count on our experts at Victory plumbing in case of severe frozen pipes.

We at victory plumbing use our specialized pipe thawing equipment for severe frozen pipe, restoring your water and saving your valuable time and money. With years of intensive training, our expert helps in minimizing the risk and preventing any damage and expensive repairs providing you with top class services.

In case of frozen pipes-

  • Shut off the water mains to reduce the pressure on the pipes.
  • You can even use a hair dryer in case the frozen pipe is visible to defrost the ice.
  • In case of severe frozen pipe, consult the plumber immediately.

Victory plumbing assures to stay in service for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have any concerns regarding frozen pipes, call us today! 718.556.0082

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